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What is an offset post hole digger?

What is an offset post hole digger?

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Post hole digger additional features An offset post hole digger has adjoining handles which counteract at the top by bending out in opposite directions. The outward bend at the top of the handles provides the user with greater leverage when digging.
Offset digger with open handles and closed blades The digger is usually made completely from steel, allowing heavy-duty, repetitive digging without risk of breakage. The only disadvantage to this is that the digger may be heavier than other types made of wood or fibreglass.
Narrow post hole The offset handles also allow the tool to dig deeper and narrower holes, without interfering with the shape of the hole.
Offset allows the digger to dig deeper This is because the straight sections of the handles are in line, very close together, as they are lowered into a narrow hole. Thus, the offset means they can be opened and closed without having to move them too far apart. This allows the user to open and close the blades, when loosening and clamping soil, with a relatively small movement of the handles.
Offset handles keeps knuckles from banging together Another benefit of the offset feature is that it prevents the user’s knuckles from banging together when digging. The bend in the handles keeps the user’s hands apart, avoiding a painful collision.
An offset digger with an additional pivot point Some offset diggers also feature a second pivot point which changes the direction that the handles should be moved, in order to open and close the blades.

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How does an offset digger work?

An offset digger can dig deeper without the handles causing an obstruction A single-pivot offset digger works in a similar way to  a traditional post hole digger. Firstly, the blades are thrust into the ground in an open position.
Removing soil from ground with an offset digger The handles are then pulled apart to close the blades around the soil, in order to remove it from the hole.
Using a double-pivot offset post hole digger If the digger has a double-pivot design, then the blades will be closed when the handles are pushed together, and opened when the handles are moved apart

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