What is a post hole digger used for?

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 Post hole diggers are used for digging holes 

As the name suggests, a post hole digger is primarily used for digging holes to install posts.  

 Post hole diggers prevent too much physical effort and bending over 

Compared to other tools, such as a spade, it is much easier to use when digging holes because it requires much less time and physical effort. The user does not have to constantly bend over to dig.

 Holes dug with spades are much wider in size 

A spade and similar digging tools are also not ideal for post hole digging, as they will create holes much bigger than is needed due to their shape. 

 Holes are rquired to be deep and cylindrical to support fence posts 

Post holes are usually required to be deep and cylindrical, with even sides, in order to support the bottom of a post when it is in the ground. 

 Post hole diggers can dig deeper than other methods 

Post hole diggers are designed with long handles which means they can dig deep within a hole to depths which would normally be out of the user's reach. 

 Wonkee donkee post hole digging 

A post hole digger can be used to dig holes for a number of different outdoor objects, for example:

 Use post hole digger for fence posts 

Fence posts

 Use post hole digger for sign posts 

Sign posts

 Use post hole digger for solar panel posts 

Solar panel posts 

 Use post hole digger for gardening 

Plants, flowers and shrubs

 Use post hole digger for clotheslines 

Outdoor clotheslines

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