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Which marking out gauge should you use?

Which marking out gauge should you use?

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Marking out gauges; marking gauge, wheel gauge, cutting gauge, panel gauge and mortise gauge As has been shown, marking out gauges can be used for a variety of different woodworking tasks, and they each have features which help specialise them for these tasks.

Marking gauges

Marking gauge, uses a pin to mark out accurate lines on wood surface The marking gauge is the most common tool and therefore comes in a variety of sizes, materials and prices.

If you just need a marking tool for occasional use and general work with the grain then a simple marking gauge is the best option.

Cutting gauges

Cutting gauge, uses a knife blade to mark wood surfaces accurately If marking against the grain often, a cutting gauge is probably the best option as it allows you to mark against the grain whilst still keeping a clean and accurate line. As well as this, the knife can be removed and sharpened as many times as needed to keep the tool in top working condition even after constant use.

Wheel gauges

Wheel marking gauge, Uses a round blade to roll along the wood work-surface and mark an accurate line The wheel gauge is the simplest tool to use because of its wheel shape which allows the user to roll the blade and to see it clearly. For this reason it can be useful for woodworking beginners.

It can also be somewhat of a novelty item for woodworking enthusiasts to try out and experiment with. However many have found that the fence is too small for some larger projects.

Wheel gauge, used for marking wood surfaces with its round blade As the wheel gauge is one of the more expensive marking out tools, for occasional or infrequent use it is probably not the best option.

Mortise gauges

Mortise marking gauge with two pins scribing lines for a mortise to be cut out The mortise gauge is the best tool to use when you need to mark out mortises, however, it is also the most versatile marking out tool as it doubles up as a regular marking gauge.

If you require a marking out tool for a number of applications, including marking mortises, then the mortise gauge would be the most cost-effective.

Wheel mortise gauge, marking out a mortise with its two round blades The wheel mortise gauge allows for mortises to be marked out against the grain whilst still maintaining a high accuracy because it uses a blade. However, it is not as versatile as the square mortise gauge as it does not have a single blade for regular cutting.

Panel gauges

Panel gauge used to mark out lines on wooden sheets or boards with a marking gauge like pin A panel gauge is used to mark sheet and boards of wood on a larger scale than other marking out gauges. They are also useful if you need to mark out an object in the middle of a large board.

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