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What is a wheel gauge?

What is a wheel gauge?

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Wheel gauge used to mark wood against the grain and can cut thin vaneer A wheel gauge uses a blade not a pin to mark a surface so is technically more closely linked to a cutting gauge. The blade is round, as is the fence and stem.
Using a wheel gauge to mark wood, dragging blade over wood. One of the benefits of using a wheel gauge is that it is easier to move over a surface as the blade can roll. This makes using the tool quite easy do it’s ideal for people who are new to woodworking. Although the tools thumb screw locks the fence in place on the stem, it is aided by an internal ‘O’ ring (a small rubber ring) inside in the fence which provides friction on the stem stopping any unwanted movement.
Wheel gauge blade used on a narrow edge to mark wood The wheel gauge is also ideal for use on narrow edges as it does not have a big bulky fence blocking the user from seeing the blade.
Wheel marking gauge with nut and collet; allows for more accurate precison marking For more precise marking, a micro adjust version is available. This wheel gauge has a collet and nut behind the fence which allows for very slight adjustment of the fence once it has already been set into its position. This means that the user can make sure the mark is exactly where it needs to be within hundredths of a millimetre. For more information on how to set the wheel gauge see How to use a wheel gauge?

Mortise wheel gauge used to mark out mortises to be cut out afterwards The wheel gauge is also available with two blades for mortise work – for more information on these see What is a Wheel Morise Gauge?

Wheel gauge with none graduation markings, imperial markings and metric markings to help the user measure out when marking wood The wheel gauge is available with no graduation marks, imperial graduation marks or metric graduation marks.

The traditional way to use a marking out gauge is with no markings on the tool and to measure out separately. However, the variety gives the user the option to choose which is best suited for them.

Wheel gauge sizes

Wheel gauge marking capacity, the range which it can move the fence to mark the wood The wheel gauge is available with a marking capacity of between 120mm (4.7″) and 180mm (7″), this is just shorter than the stem length to allow for the fence size.

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