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What is a wheel mortise gauge?

What is a wheel mortise gauge?

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Wheel mortise gauge marking out mortise to be cut out later on The mortise gauge is also available as a wheel style gauge. This gauge has two round wheel cutters on separate stems that can be adjusted to a set distance for marking out a mortise. The mortise can then be cut or chiselled out.
Labelled thumb screws of a wheel mortise marking gauge, each screw tightens or releases a different stem so they can be set to a mortise measurement The gauge is set to the mortise size by turning the thumb screws which are on either side of the fence. When turned clockwise, the thumb screw tightens the corresponding stem. Like the wheel gauge, the tool has an internal ‘O’ ring which sits around the stem, providing friction and stopping the stem from moving within the fence.
Mortise and tenon being but out by a wheel mortise gauge, has opposing bevels so already can be on the waste side The blades have opposing bevels, one facing away from the fence and one facing the fence. This means that they can be set on the waste side of the wood whether you are marking a tenon or mortise. The waste side is the portion that will be cut off.

Like the wheel gauge, both blades can be retracted into the fence to protect them when the tool is not in use.

Wheel mortise marking gauge, uses a knife to mark out mortises to be removed on a sheet of wood Both the regular mortise gauge and the wheel mortise gauge work well at marking out mortises, however the square, wooden mortise gauge is only available with a marking pin.

If you prefer marking with a blade, or do a lot of marking against the grain, then a wheel mortise gauge may be preferable.

Wheel mortise gauge sizes

length of wheel mortise marking gauge The wheel mortise gauge has a stem length of 145mm (5.7″).

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