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How to use a marking out gauge?

How to use a marking out gauge

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cutting gauge, panel gauge and marking gauge, all used to mark out lines on wooden surfaces Whether you are using a marking, cutting or panel gauge, all marking out gauges are used in a very similar way;
setting up wooden work piece ready to marked by a marking gauge

Step 1 – Prepare workpiece and gauge

Place your workpiece on a flat surface and set your gauge up at the intended end of the workpiece.

Turning the thumb screw on a marking gauge to lock the fence in position this way the tool can mark the wood surface

Step 2 – Set fence measurement

Turn the thumb screw anti-clockwise to release the fence and stem, then move the fence along the stem until it is at the correct measurement for where you want to mark, and butt the fence up to the edge of the workpiece.

Turn the thumb screw clockwise to secure it in place.

dragging a marking gauge over a wooden work piece to mark a line for later work and chiselling

Step 3 – Mark wood

Curl your hand around the fence and tilt it slightly in the direction you are going to mark. Then simply drag the fence along the workpiece, applying very little pressure, until just before the end. Keep the fence butted up against the workpiece throughout the movement.

Stop just before the end of the material so that the tool does not drop off and lose control.

Marking gauge marking wooden surface from opposite direction so that full line is created

Step 4 – Mark from other end

From the opposite end of the workpiece, tilt the fence in the opposite direction and mark back across the line to make sure your line goes completely across the workpiece.

Marking gauge marked multiple sides of a work piece but keeps accurate same distance because of measurement holding fence

Step 5 – Mark other sides

If you need to continue the line to the other sides of the workpiece, do not adjust the fence or stem but simply turn the workpiece over and repeat the process from step 3.

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