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What are the different types of marking out gauge?

What are the different types
of marking out gauge?

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Types of marking out gauges; marking gauge, cutting gauge, wheel gauge, panel gauge and mortise gauge There are six types of marking out gauge with ranging sizes. However, they all have the same basic features, including a pin or blade for marking the wood.

Marking gauges

Marking gauge used to mark lines on wood during woodworking applications A marking gauge is the most common and original tool used for marking purposes. It has a pin, known as a spur, which marks the wood along the grain.

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Cutting gauges

Cutting gauge, uses a small knife to mark out line of wood A cutting gauge has an almost identical structure to a marking gauge, however instead of a pin, it has a small knife. This allows it to mark wood against the grain, still leaving a neat and even line.

The cutting gauge is also able to cut through thin materials such as veneer. For more information, see What is a cutting gauge?

Wheel gauges

Wheel gauge uses a small round blade to mark the materials A wheel gauge is known as such because of its circular shape. It has a small, round blade meaning it can, like the cutting gauge, mark against the wood grain. The wheel gauge is sometimes preferred for smaller, trickier tasks as it is less bulky than other gauges and allows you to see the blade whilst marking.

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Panel gauges

Panel gauge, larger version of a marking gauge used to mark lines on wood A panel gauge is a larger version of the marking gauge. It has a longer stem, fence and pin. It is used to mark large boards to the correct width but can also be useful for marking locations in the centre of a board.

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Mortise gauges

Mortise gauge has two pins used to mark out parallel lines for a mortise to be cut out of Mortise gauges, also known as combination gauges, are multi purpose tools.

The gauge has two marking pins on one side of the fence, which allow the user to mark out a mortise and just one pin on the other side of the fence to mark out wood like a regular marking gauge.

For more information, see What is a mortise gauge?

Wonkee Donkee says; A mortise is a cut out from a piece of wood, ready for a joint or connecting piece to be inserted.

Wheel mortise gauge

Wheel mortise gauge There is a wheel mortise gauge available which is designed to mark out mortises but follows the style of the wheel marking gauge. It has two round stems, each with there own circular blade on the end which can be controlled separately.

For more information see What is a wheel mortise gauge?

Digital marking gauge

Digital marking gauge has a screen to display measurement There is a digital version of a marking out gauge, but it is not readily available in the United Kingdom. This tool is made completely out of alloy steel and has a metal pin to mark. It has a battery operated screen which reads and displays the distance generated by the pins.

There is also a digital version of a mortise marking gauge.

Wonkee Donkee says; The digital marking out gauge can read to either 100th of a millimetre or in 64th of a fractional inch, meaning it gives the most exact measurement of all marking out tools.

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