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What is a marking out gauge?

What is a marking out gauge?

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Marking gauge, panel gauge, cutting gauge, wheel gauge and mortise gauge A marking out gauge is a tool used in woodwork, and sometimes metal work, to mark out lines to be cut. There are a five types of marking out gauge: marking gauges, panel gauges, cutting gauges, wheel gauges and mortise gauges.
Wooden marking gauge used to mark out lines in wood and metal designs The most commonly-used type is a marking gauge, sometimes known as a scratch gauge, which uses a pin or nail-like object to mark lines parallel to a straight edge.

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cutting gauge uses a small knife to mark out lines on wood Another type of marking out gauge, a cutting gauge, uses a small knife or blade to mark the wood against the grain (the opposite way to which the wood lines run).

This tool can also be used to actually cut through thin materials such as veneers. For more information see What is a cutting gauge?

marking gauge on a piece of wood setting out a measurement and marking a line along the work piece A marking out gauge allows the user to set a measurement, either with a ruler or using the built-in guide, and keep this measurement exact across their work, something which is much more difficult to do when using a pencil and ruler. The tool is then dragged across the workpiece leaving a thin line marked into the surface.

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Stack of wood, can be easily marked by a marking gauge as well as sheet metal Marking out gauges are used to mark mostly wood surface, this can be any type wood. They can also be used to mark sheet metal before it is cut with metal work shears.
Marking gauge leaving line on wood surface Once a mark has been made, however, it cannot be removed. For this reason it is important that the correct mark is made first time as despite how thin the line may be, it can be visible making the workpiece look imperfect.

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