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What is a mortise gauge?

What is a mortise gauge?

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Mortise marking gauge used to mark out mortises from a sheet of wood A mortise gauge is specifically designed to mark out mortises. It has two pins adjacent to one another which mark the mortise.
A mortise and tenon being slotted together, the mortise marked out using a mortise or combination marking gauge A mortise is a piece cut out of a larger piece of wood, so that a matching, separate piece (a tenon) can be inserted, a bit like a jigsaw. These are used when strength is important such as in window, door, chair or bed frames.
Mortise marking gauge pins, two for mortise marking and one for regular marking The mortise gauge is sometimes known as a combination gauge, because as well as its two mortise pins, it also has a third pin on the opposite side which can be used for regular marking.
Mortise marking gauge with a screw to move one adjustable marking pin so it can be set to a mortise size Of the pins for marking out a mortise, the pin closest to the fence is adjusted using a screw which moves the pin either closer or further away from the other pin to match the mortise size.

Mortise gauge sizes

Stem lengths of a mortise marking gauge, the longer the stem the further the tool can mark on a sheet of wood The mortise gauge is available with a stem length of between 152.4mm (6″) and 290.5mm (11.4″).

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