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What is a cutting gauge?

What is a cutting gauge?

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Cutting gauge used for marking wood against the grain and cutting veneer A cutting gauge has the same structure as a marking gauge, but uses a knife instead of a pin to mark the wood. This allows it to mark the wood against the grain keeping the same level of accuracy as going with the grain.
Cutting thin veneer wood with a cutting gauge using a small knife A cutting gauge can also be used to cut thin pieces of veneer, which is a thin type of vinyl. The blade can slice through accurately, however its size is limited so cannot cut more than the standard 0.6mm (0.02″) veneer thickness, or long sheets.
Marking out a tenon on a piece of wood using a cutting gauge Some people believe using a cutting gauge instead of a marking gauge can give a more accurate, thinner line. This, however is only true if the pin of a marking gauge becomes dull. The knife of a cutting gauge can also become dull, however it is much easier to sharpen.

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Sizes of a cutting gauge

Small cutting gauge used for precision cutting and marking including marking dove tails The cutting gauge is available with a stem length of 200mm (7.8″), there is also a smaller version available, for precision marking work, with a 127mm (5″) stem.

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