What do dowelling kits contain?

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  Dowelling kit including dowels, centre points, drill stop, brad point drill bit and allen key  

A dowelling kit includes all of the specialised equipment that you need for a dowelling project: centre points, a drill stop and allen key, a brad point drill and of course, dowels!


Centre points

  Image showing centre points used to ensure accuracy in dowelling by marking the location dowels must be inserted into a wood joint  

Centre points are used to help create accurately spaced, well-aligned joints.


Drill stop and allen key

  A drill stop and an allen key which will be used to tighten it around a brad point drill bit when dowelling  

The drill stop is used to set up drill bits so that they can only drill to a specific depth. The allen key is used to secure the drill stop to the drill bit.

  Drill stop attached to a drill bit to make sure dowel holes cannot be drilled too deep  

Once attached, the drill stop creates a physical barrier that stops you pushing the drill bit into a wooden surface past a certain point. Setting it at a certain length guarantees that you can’t drill holes that are any deeper than that length.


Brad point drill bit

  Brad point drill bit used in dowelling to drill accurate dowel holes  

Brad point drill bits are effective at cutting wood without causing it to splinter.


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The most important part…

  Image of fluted wooden dowel pins for use in dowelling  

The kit will also contain a stock of dowels, without which making dowel joints would not be possible!



  Image of wood glue included in some dowelling kits for gluing dowels into pre-drilled holes  

Some dowelling kits also include a bottle of wood glue, meaning you won’t have to buy it separately.


Dowelling jig

  Dowelling jig available in some dowelling kits used for accurate location of dowels  

Some kits may also include a dowelling jig.


For more information, see: Dowelling jigs



  Image showing the standard dowel and drill bit sizes for use in dowelling projects  

Depending on the manufacturer, dowelling kits will either contain equipment to work with all three of the standard sizes of dowel, or they will contain everything you need to work with just one of those standard sizes.

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