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How are dowels used for growing edible fungus?

How are dowels used to grow edible fungus?

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DIYer holding dowels that have been inoculated with spawn from an edible strain of fungus Dowels can be ‘inoculated’ (injected) with edible mushroom spores. These spores spread along the grain of the wood, turning the dowels into seeds that can be ‘planted’ into a log.
Drilling holes for inoculated dowels in a felled log Holes are drilled all over the log.
DIYer hammering dowels inoculated with fungal spores into a treated log Treated dowels are inserted, then covered over with hot wax.
Image of a log with fungal dowels inserted being stored under a shrub The log is then left in a shady area under trees or shrubs for a few months, until the spores grow through the log.
Image of edible fungi that have grown on a log as a result of inoculated dowels having been inserted into it Eventually, the fungi will ‘flower’, and can then be picked and eaten. More mushrooms may then grow back in their place.

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