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How should you store your dowels?

How to store dowels

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Example of storage that would be suitable for wooden dowels for future use in dowelling projects Dowels are easy to store and don’t require maintenance.
Image of a desert to show that dowels should be stored in a dry place Dowels should be stored in a dry place.
A bag of dowel pins that are unfit for making dowelling joints If stored in a damp place they can absorb moisture, which will cause them to expand and end up too wide for your screw holes. They could also go mouldy, which makes them unfit for use.
Dowel rods stored flat in a rack to prevent bending Dowel rods should be stored lying flat rather than standing on end.
Dowel rods stored vertically and therefore prone to sagging If stored leaning against a wall, they can start to sag. This can make them unsuitable for use, as straight dowels are needed for joints.

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