What are other dowels used for?

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 Dowel pins made out of material other than wood for use in construction, baking, dentistry and manufacturing 

Outside of woodworking, dowels have a number of different uses. All of them are similar to the uses of dowels in wood joinery.

 Image showing a dowel pin being used in the construction of an engine for the purposes of alignment 

Metal dowels are used to ensure alignment of parts in cameras, microscopes, valves, engines, moulds and surgical equipment.

 Dental implants being held in place by ceramic dowels 

Ceramic dowels are used to hold dental implants in place.

 Plastic dowels inserted into the lower tier of a wedding cake to support the upper tier 

Plastic dowels are used to support tiers on wedding cakes. Wooden dowels and drinking straws can also be used for this purpose.

 Steel dowel rods being used to reinforce concrete in construction 

In construction, steel dowels are used to help joints between slabs to bear weight, and to keep them in alignment.

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