What is Brettstapel?

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  Image of a Brettstapel construction which uses wooden planks and dowels to create solid panels  

Brettstapel is a method of construction that exclusively uses wood, with no need for nails, glue or other materials. 

  Brettstapel panel next to a dowel used for creating Brettstapel panels  

The key components of this construction technique are dowels. They can be used perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to the wooden planks, or diagonally to fix them all together and make them into a solid, load bearing block.

  Diagram to show a wooden plank absorbing carbon dioxide  

Constructing buildings using this method is extremely environmentally friendly as the timber can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  A warm room in a house made of Brettstapel - a construction process that involves binding planks of wood together with dowels  

It’s also cheaper to keep Brettstapel buildings warm as the timber panelling is naturally more effective than brick, concrete or metal.

  Image of the german flag to show the country where Brettstapel, a construction technique of using wooden planks held together with dowels, originated  

Brettstapel originated in Germany and is mainly used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway. It is just starting to be used in the UK.