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What are dowels?

What are dowels?

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Pile of wooden dowels for use in wood joinery Dowels are small rods or pegs that are used to reinforce wooden joints and to support shelves.
Dowel pegs machined to uniform size for accurate and reliable use in dowelling They can be bought in uniform, pre-cut sizes…
Uncut dowel rods for use in a variety of woodworking projects including dowelling joints …or they can be bought as rods, allowing a DIYer to cut them to the length they require.
DIYer using a hammer to hit a wooden peg through a dowel plate It’s also possible for woodworkers to make their own dowels from strips of wood.

For more information, see: How to make your own dowel.

Image showing the range of sizes that dowels come in Because they come in so many different sizes, dowels are hugely versatile.

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