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How do you use dowels to make arrows?

How to use dowels to make arrows

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Decorated arrows crafted from dowel rods Dowel rods are a cheap and convenient material for amateur fletchers as they can easily be turned into arrows.
Notch cut and filed into an arrow made from a dowel rod

Step 1 – Make a notch

Using a saw and a file, the fletcher cuts a notch in one end of the bow in a keyhole shape.

Knock cut in a dowel arrow just deep enough that the bow string will fit inside it This is cut just deep enough to allow the bow string to sit inside it.
Fletcher using masking tape to create a flight on a dowel arrow

Step 2 – Make a flight

Duct tape is then used to create the flight by cutting equal sized strips of tape and attaching them to the shaft of the arrow.

Fletcher using a utility knife to shape the flight on a dowel arrow

Step 3 – Shape flight

A utility knife is then used to shape the tape into a triangle.

Fletcher whittling a dowel arrow with a utility knife

Step 4 – Whittle tip

Once the notch has been cut and the flight has been attached, the end of the arrow can be whittled to shape.

Rubber arrowhead shaped like a sucker that is used to keep the end of a dowel arrow safe

Step 5 – Attach head

A plastic tip can then be glued onto the arrow so that it is safe to use.

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