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The importance of being accurate

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Image to show a dart in a bullseye, illustrating that accuracy is important when working with dowels Accuracy is paramount when making dowel joints. Mistakes during measurement or drilling can lead to your joint being badly aligned or not connecting properly. In extreme cases, the two pieces of wood may not form a joint at all.
Image of a tape measure, brad point drill bit, drill stop and dowel peg for use when drilling accurate holes for dowel joinery Drill depths need to be measured, measurements need to be precisely made, and the drill bit should always be at precisely 90 degrees to the wood surface.
DIYer attempting a dowelling project by hand It’s particularly difficult to be accurate when working by hand as there are too many things that could go wrong. Even with a finely honed mind, you can’t always keep track of everything at once!
Dowelling kit designed to increase accuracy when dowelling Fortunately, there are tools that you can use to minimize the chances of making mistakes and help to guarantee that your work is accurate, such as drill stops and centre points.