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Why don’t cordless impact drivers have 3 jawed chucks?

Why don’t cordless impact drivers
have 3-jawed chucks?

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Keyless chuck for a cordless drill driver Some DIYers feel that a cordless impact driver’s disadvantage is in its lack of a 3-jawed chuck. 3-jawed chucks can be found on tools such as cordless drill drivers and, as the name suggests, have three jaws which open and close to hold a variety of different size screwdriver and drill bits.
Chuck with its jaws open with a screwdriver bit 3-jawed chucks are popular with users because they allow bits with round shanks as well as hexagonal shanks to be used. Most drill bits have round shanks, so using a 3-jawed chuck allows you to drill a wide variety of holes.
red cordless drill driver 3-jawed chucks can be found on cordless drills but not on cordless impact drivers. This is because cordless impact drivers are specifically designed to drive screws, rather than drill holes of various sizes.

3 jaw conversion chucks

3-jawed conversion chuck An accessory called a 3 jaw conversion chuck is available that allows you to use round shanks in your cordless impact driver. One end has a hexagonal shank that fits into the cordless impact driver’s chuck, while the other end has a 3-jawed chuck to accept round shanks.
3-jaw conversion chuck with key and drill bit Some models are keyless and will have an adjustable collar that rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise to open and close the jaws. Other models require a key to open the jaws, which should be included with the chuck itself.
3-jaw conversion chuck with key and drill bit A popular use for the conversion chuck is to allow the cordless impact driver to be used like a drill and accept drill bits with round shanks.

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