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Single Gear vs Multiple Gear Cordless Impact Drivers

Single-gear vs. multiple gear
cordless impact drivers

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A single gear cordless impact drivers Simply put, gears alter the amount of torque and speed being delivered. Some cordless impact drivers only have 1 gear, others have 2 or more.

Single-gear impact drivers

Power control trigger cordless impact driver Cordless impact drivers with a single gear allow you to vary the speed and torque within a single range.

This is done using the speed control trigger.

Speed control trigger, allows the user to control the increase or decrease in speed Using the trigger, you can increase or decrease the speed and torque within the range offered.

For example, speed in the range of 0 – 2,400 RPM, and the torque in the range of 0 – 150 Nm

Multiple-gear impact drivers

3 gears impact drivers Some cordless impact drivers have up to 3 gears! An example of how these could be broken down is shown below.

Once you have selected the gear you want, you can use the trigger to vary the speed and torque between 0 and the maximum amount for that gear.

Driving a screw into soft material with a cordless impact driver

Gear 1:

Speed: 0 – 1,600 rpm
Torque: 0 – 80 Nm

For applications that require less power, first gear offers the least torque and the slowest speed.

Drilling a pilot hole with a cordless impact driver

Gear 2:

Speed: 0 – 2,150 rpm
Torque: 0 – 125 Nm

For medium-duty applications, second gear offers a slightly higher speed range and level of torque.

Holding a cordless impact driver whilst drilling into metal

Gear 3:

Speed: 0 – 2,650 rpm
Torque: 0 – 150 Nm

For heavy-duty applications, third gear offers the highest level of torque and the fastest speed.

How many gears do you need?

Softwood, metal, plastic and three different sizes of screws The more gears you have on your tool, the more control you will have when working.

If you want to use your cordless impact driver for a variety of tasks involving small and large screws, hard and soft materials as well as some drilling – then the more gears, the better.

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