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What cordless impact driver accessories are available?

What cordless impact driver accessories
are available?

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Installing a cabinet with a long screw and a cordless impact driver There are various accessories available for cordless impact drivers to allow you to perform tasks such as inserting or removing screws and fasteners as well as drilling holes.

The most common are listed below:

Detachable bit holders

Silver and black detachable bit holder Detachable bit holders can be used to extend the reach of your cordless impact driver or alter its angle.

Bit holders fit straight into the impact driver’s chuck and come in all shapes and sizes so ensure you select one that fits your tool.

Screwdriver bits

Bronze small screwdriver bit and a large gold screwdriver bit A screwdriver bit connects with the screw to insert or remove it and is held in the impact driver’s chuck.

Screwdriver bits comes in a variety of shapes and size depending on the type of screw you want to drive.

Socket screwdriver bits

Socket screwdriver bit Socket bits are used to drive bolts or nuts and are often used with socket wrenches.

However, there are ‘socket screwdriver bits’ which have hexagonal shanks and so can be used in cordless impact drivers to install or remove bolts.

Drill bits

Impact drill bit Cordless impact drivers can be used to drill holes, providing you use the correct drill bit.

Like screwdriver bits, drill bits comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the material you are drilling or the size of the hole you want to drill. Ensure you select the correct one to suit your needs.

Impact bits

Multiple black impact bits for a cordless impact driver Cordless impact drivers should be used with ‘impact bits’, which are drill and screwdriver bits that are specially-designed to withstand the increased torque delivered by the cordless impact driver.

Regular screwdriver or drills bits may become worn quickly or even shatter if used in a cordless impact driver.

Ribbed tip impact screwdriver bit Impact bits are usually made from chrome molybdenum, an extremely strong material, and some bits have additional finishes such as titanium-plating.

As well as being made from stronger materials, some impact bits will have additional design features.

One example of a feature found on impact screwdriver bits is the ‘ribbed tip’ which manufacturers claim helps the bit to grip the head of the screw rather than slipping out of it when that extra torque is applied.

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