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How does a cordless impact driver work?

How does a cordless impact driver work?

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1. Battery

Cordless impact driver battery pack Every cordless impact driver is powered by a rechargeable battery.

2. Speed control trigger

Inside a cordless impact drivers speed control trigger The battery’s electrical current is transferred to the motor through the speed control trigger. When you pull the speed control trigger, a switch inside the tool conducts electricity from the rechargeable battery to the motor.

3. The motor

Motor inside a cordless impact driver A motor converts the battery’s electrical current into the rotational energy needed to turn the chuck. This power is a combination of torque and speed, and is measured in watts.

4. Gearbox, hammer and anvil

Gearbox, hammer and anvil inside a cordless impact driver The motor’s power is transferred through the gearbox to a hammer and anvil mechanism.

When a high level of torque is needed to drive in screws, the hammer begins striking the side of the anvil which then delivers a strong rotational force to the screwdriver bit to help drive in the screws.

For a more in depth guide, see our section: How does the impact function work?

Wonkee Donkee says "Think of a cordless impact driver like an electrical circuit. Every time you pull the speed control trigger you are completing the circuit, allowing power to flow through the tool."

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