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What is the LED light on a cordless impact driver?

What is the LED light on a cordless impact driver?

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Built in LED lights into the chuck Some cordless impact drivers have one or more built-in LED lights for working in poorly-lit spaces.
Red 5mm LED light LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is simply a small white or coloured light source. LED lights come in many different shapes and sizes, but the size shown on the left is the one that would normally be used on a power tool such as a cordless impact driver

Where is the LED light?

LED light under the chuck on a cordless impact driver How many LED lights a cordless impact driver has and where they are located will depend on the make and model. Some models have one LED light located underneath the chuck or on the tool’s handle.
LED lights positioned around the chuck Other models have several LED lights positioned around the chuck. These are often referred to as ‘halo rings’. More lights means a brighter workspace and their position at the front of the tool means they are closer to the screw or hole you are working on.

How to turn the LED light on and off

Releasing the trigger usually switches off the light How you turn the LED light on may vary depending on the make and model of the cordless impact driver, but most are switched on by pulling the speed control trigger. Typically, the LED light will remain on as long as the trigger is pulled in and on most models, will turn off as soon as the trigger is released.

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