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What does the motor do?

What does the motor do?

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Cordless impact driver Inside every cordless impact driver is a motor – a clever little machine that converts the battery’s electrical energy into mechanical energy giving the rotation required to turn the chuck.
Cordless impact driver motor The motor’s power is a combination of torque and speed, and is measured in watts.

A motor with a higher wattage will be more efficient, and will be able to deliver a greater level of torque at a higher speed.

Instruction manual Please note: Motor wattage is a fairly new way of measuring the power of cordless tools; as a result, some manufacturers may not have this information to hand.
Two types of cordless impact driver with different wattage However, if this information is provided, it’s a useful way of comparing several different models. Generally, a 100 watt motor or higher will allow you to work with tougher materials and larger screws at higher speeds.

Air flow holes

Air flow holes prevent over heating When working for long periods of time, or when carrying out heavy-duty tasks (driving large screws into tougher materials), the motor can heat up. While this is a normal occurrence, frequent overheating can cause damage to the motor. Some cordless impact drivers have holes in their casing , which allow air to reach the motor and help cool it down.

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