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What additional features do cordless impact drivers have?

What additional features do cordless
impact drivers have?

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As well as inserting screws, many cordless impact drivers have additional features which are designed to make certain DIY tasks much easier. These include:

LED work lights

LED work light For working in poorly-lit spaces.

Belt clip

Belt clip on a cordless impact driver Some models have a belt clip above the battery pack which allows you to attach the tool to your belt and keep it within reach when your hands are full.

Battery level indicator

Some cordless drills have a LED battery life infdicator Some cordless tools have an LED display which lets you know how much battery power you have left.

On-tool bit storage

A recess in the body of the tool, for holding spare tool bits Some cordless tools have a recess for holding screwdriver or drill bits. This keeps them handy and allows you to change between two bits quickly.
Wonkee Donkee says "These features may be confusing but don’t worry, I will provide a clear explanation. At this stage however, it’s a good idea to keep them  in mind so you know what to look out for."

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