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How to use a cordless impact driver

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Inserting the battery

Slide the battery off the cordless impact driver

Step 1 – Insert battery

Ensure the cordless impact driver is switched off before inserting the battery pack into the tool. This is usually done by sliding the battery pack into the handle until you hear a ‘click’.

Inserting the screwdriver or drill bit

Drill bits and screwdriver bits

Step 2 – Select correct bit

Select an screwdriver bit or drill bit for the task at hand, ensuring it has a ¼” (6.35mm) shank in order to fit into the cordless impact driver.

Check that shank-end of the bit is clean and has not sustained any damage.

Magnetic bit holder

Step 3 – Use a bit holder

For shorter bits, you may wish to use a bit holder, which has a magnetic end for holding bits and a hexagonal shank that fits into the cordless impact driver’s chuck.

Inserting screwdriver bit into a cordless impact driver

Step 4 – Insert bit

Place the bit in the chuck as far as it will go, until you feel it engage with the back of the chuck.

Adjusting the settings

Moving the forward/reverse button forward

Step 5 – Set rotation

Adjust the forward/reverse switch so that it is in the ‘forward’ position.

Slide the switch to select the gear

Step 6 – Set speed

If your cordless impact driver has several gears to choose from, pick the one most suited to your current task.

For more information, see our section: Which cordless impact driver gear should you use?

Turning on the LED light on a cordless impact driver

Step 7 – Turn on light

If you are working in a particularly dark space, turn on the LED lights.

Cordless impact driver working on a metal pipe

Step 8 – Turn on tool

Switch the tool on and prepare to work.

Using the cordless impact driver

Pulling the speed control trigger on a cordless impact driver

Step 9 – Squeeze trigger

Gradually squeeze the speed control trigger until the chuck and bit start to turn.

Increase or decrease the speed as needed while working.

Slide the switch to select the gear

Step 10 – Adjust speed as necessary

If you feel that you need more or less power, adjust the gears accordingly.

Removing the screwdriver or drill bit

Cordless impact driver placed on a workbench

Step 11 – Set tool aside

When you have finished working, turn off the tool and set it aside on a flat surface to allow the parts and bit to cool down.

Removing a drill bit from a cordless impact driver

Step 12 – Remove bits

Grasp the chuck with one hand and pull it forward, pulling out the screwdriver or drill bit with your other hand.