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What are cordless impact drivers used for?

What are cordless impact
drivers used for?

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Inserting a screw into a fence with a cordless impact driver Cordless impact drivers are designed for the quick insertion and removal of screws as well as drilling holes.

Due to the much higher level of torque they produce compared with cordless drill drivers, they are particularly suited to the following:

Driving large screws, bolts and other fasteners

Cordless impact drivers are ideal for applications such as:
Driving a lag bolt with a cordless impact driver
  • Driving lag bolts and screws. These are very large fasteners which are often used to bear a great deal of weight (holding together decking, or mounting a heavy object on a wall)
Installing a cabinet with a long screw and a cordless impact driver
  • Installing items such as cabinets, using long screws

Repetitive driving

 Repetitive driving of screws with a cordless impact driver Because they can deliver high torque and speed simultaneously, cordless impact drivers are often used for tasks involving the repetitive driving of screws or fasteners. Examples include:
Laying decking with a cordless impact driver
  • Laying decking

Installing a metal frame with a cordless impact driver

  • The assembly of metal frame constructions

Working on tougher materials

Cordless impact driver working on a metal pipe Due to the high level of torque produced by the impact function, cordless impact drivers are also a popular choice when working on tough materials such as hardwood, metal and plastic.

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