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What is a swivel blow lamp?

What is a swivel blow lamp?

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Swivel blow lamp A swivel blow lamp is available with a rotating burn tube, which has the ability to move 360 degrees.
Swivel blow lamp burner tube moving in a clockwise direction A rotating burn tube turns around a fixed pivot on the side of the blow lamp in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. This enables the user to access tight spaces such as plumbing underneath a sink.
Soldering two copper pipes together with a blow lamp Swivel blow lamps can be used with a range of gas canisters. This allows them to reach the required temperatures for soft solder and light brazing. For more information, see {{widget type=”cms/widget_page_link” title=”What are the different types of blow lamp gas canister?” template=”cms/widget/link/link_inline.phtml” page_id=”3515″}}

What sizes of a swivel blow lamp are available?

Swivel Blow lamp dimensions 110x220mm and 150x290mm A swivel blow lamp can come in a variety of sizes. The overall length can range from 220mm to 290mm (8.5″ to 11.4″), whereas the width ranges from 110mm to 150mm (4.3″ to 5.7″).

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