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What are the parts of a heavy duty blow lamp?

What are the parts of a heavy duty blow lamp?

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Parts of a heavy duty blow lamp: coupling, burner, piezo ignition, lock button, flame control


Pinpoint burner for a blow lamp The burner is the area of the blow lamp which dictates the size and heat of the flame. The burner is an interchangeable part and can vary in size and shape.

Lock button

Heavy duty blow lamp lock button The lock button enables the user to work hands-free. It keeps the blow lamp on without having to touch the trigger.

Flame control

Heavy duty blow lamp flame control turning it in a clockwise direction The flame control allows the user to control the size of the flame from pin point, which is a hot blue flame, to a soft yellow flame. To create a hot flame, turn the flame control nozzle anticlockwise, and to adjust to a cooler flame or turn off, turn it clockwise.

Piezo ignition

Pressing the piezo ignition button on a heavy duty blow lamp A piezo ignition enables the blow lamp to be lit without the use of an external flame. It can come in the form of either a trigger or a button.
Lighting a heavy duty blow lamp with a lighter Some heavy duty blow lamps do not have a piezo ignition switch so need to be lit manually. This is done by turning the blow lamp on by turning the flame control nozzle, allowing a small amount of gas to flow, and placing a lit flame into the gas.


Heavy duty blow lamp EN417 7/16" coupling The coupling on the blow lamp allows it to attach to a gas cannister. The soft soldering blow lamp can either have an EN417 coupling (7/16″) or a CGA 600 (1″ threaded) coupling.

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