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How to solder two pipes together with a blow lamp?

How to solder two pipes together with a blow lamp

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Soldering with a soft soldering blow lamp The procedures in this guide are for soft soldering or brazing – you can use hard or soft solder depending on the end result you wish to achieve. For more information, see Soldering vs. brazing
Things needed to solder two copper pipes together: blow lamp, gas canister, solder, flux, and steel wool To solder two pipes together you will need:

  • Two pipes (copper pipes are used for plumbing)
  • Wire wool
  • Flux
  • Solder
  • Blow lamp and gas canister
Cleaning a copper pipe with a wire brush

Step 1 – Clean pipes

To begin, clean the two ends of the pipes you wish to join with wire wool or a pipe cleaning tool. This will remove any dirt which could make the new joint fail. Keep cleaning the pipes until they are shiny as this means that any oxidation will have been removed.

Applying flux to a copper pipe with a brush around the circumference of the pipe

Step 2 – Apply flux

Apply a small amount of the flux with a brush until it is around the circumference of both pipes. Next, join the two pipes together into the fitting. Then twist the pipes together in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction until the flux has been spread around the new joint.

Wonkee Donkee says "A core is the round piece of material in the centre of a roll of flexible magnetic tape"
Lead free soft silver solder

Step 3 – Unroll the solder

Unroll the solder until there is a sufficient length for you to be able hold the tip against the joint with without burning yourself with the blow lamp.

Wonkee Donkee says "If you bend the last few inches of the solder then it will be easier for you to apply it to the back and underneath of the joint"
Heating a copper pipe with a heavy duty blow lamp

Step 4 – Apply heat

Using a blow lamp, heat the joint by moving the flame backwards and forwards over it. You will know when the pipe is hot enough to solder as the flux will begin to bubble.

Liquid solder filling the seal of two copper pipes

Step 5 – Solder the joint

When the joint is hot enough, remove the blow lamp and touch the join with the solder at intervals around the joint. The solder will soften in the heat and flow into the gap between the pipes, creating a tightly fitted joint.

Make sure you keep adding solder around the joint until it has created a perfect circle.

Cleaning a soldered copper pipe with a damp cloth to remove excess solder

Step 6 – Clean the joint

Using a damp cloth, wipe away any of the excess solder whilst it is still hot to give the joint a clean appearance.

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