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What blow lamp accessories are available?

What blow lamp accessories are available?

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Blow lamps are available with a few accessories which can enable them to perform certain tasks. These can either be bought as a set with the blow lamp or as individual items.

Flame extension piece and deflector

Blow lamp with flame extension piece and deflector bending a plastic pipe The flame extension piece and deflector can be used together to create a long, cool flame. This is used for tasks such as bending plastic pipes.

The flame extension piece and deflector are not available with all blow lamps, but only certain makes, so you will need to check specifications to see if it can be used with your blow lamp.

Stability base

Stability base for a brazing blow lamp A stability base increases the stability of the blow lamp, and is pressed on to the gas canister of a standard blow lamp. It allows it to be used hands-free in an upright position. This is useful for complicated tasks where the user requires two hands, such as soldering a corner pipe. The stability base can be used to place the blow lamp on a flat surface after use, while it cools down.


Soldering tip for a blow lamp A soldering tip can be attached to some blow lamps by twisting it clockwise onto the burner. After initially igniting the gas, a catalyst – which speeds up chemical reaction, but with no visible flame – takes over to generate heat for the soldering tip. It is used in intricate electrical soldering.

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