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What is a heavy-duty blow lamp?

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Heavy duty blow lamp Heavy duty blow lamps are the hottest variety. They can be used for brazing hard materials, such as silver.
Plumber This makes them particularly suited to pipe bending, aluminium welding and hard soldering.
Blow lamp blue flame temperature Heavy duty blow lamps are the only variety which can be used with a propane methyl acetylene propadiene gas canister. This allows them to reach the required temperatures for brazing.

What sizes of heavy duty blow lamp are available?

Length of a heavy duty blow lamp 161mm and 285mm The overall length ranges from 160mm to 290mm (6″ to 11.2″). A smaller blow lamp is better for use in tight spaces as it is more manoeuvrable.
Width of a heavy duty blow lamp 29mm to 110mm The width of the heavy duty blow lamp can range from 30mm to 110mm (1″ to 4″).
Weighing scales, weight of a gardening blow lamp The weight ranges from 170g to 420g (6oz to 14oz).