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What is a blow lamp used for?

What is a blow lamp used for?

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A blow lamp can be used for many things. Here are a few examples:
Killing weeds with a garden blow lamp: the four stages of the process A gardening blow lamp can be used for killing weeds in a garden. This is achieved by the high temperature it can produce, which scorches the leaves until they can no longer grow back.

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Soldering with a soft soldering blow lamp Blow lamps are predominantly used for soft soldering and brazing. One difference between the two is the temperature at which the jointing material becomes molten.
Liquid solder filling the seal of two copper pipes Soft soldering is where different solder compositions require the use of different soldering temperatures. The pipe is heated by the blow lamp until it reaches the relatively low melting point (approx. 180 to 240 degrees Celsius) of the solder material. The material then liquefies upon touching the heated pipe and flows into the join, where it hardens to hold the two metals together. It is mainly used for making leak-proof joints.
Brazing rods Brazing, on the other hand, produces a harder and stronger joint than soft soldering. It works by using a brazing rod (or filler rod) which has a lower melting point than the two metals being joined, but higher than that of soft soldering (typically above 450 degrees Celsius).

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Wonkee Donkee says "Brazing is also known as hard soldering or silver soldering."
Caramelising the top of a crème brulee with a blow lamp Blow lamps can also be found in the kitchen. They are used for caramelising sugar on the top of a crème brûlée, or scorching the skin of vegetables and meat.

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Flat flame burner attached to a blow lamp with a broad flame Through the use of a flat flame burner, a blow lamp can also be used for stripping paint from a wall. The blow lamp’s flame heats the paint until it bubbles and lifts away from the surface. This will then allow you to remove the paint easily with a scraper.

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Standard blow lamp with a flame extension piece and deflector being used to bend a plastic pipe. A standard blow lamp can also be used to mould plastic pipes with the addition of a flame extension piece and a deflector. The heat from the blow lamp warms the plastic to a temperature where the plastic can be bent.

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