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What are the parts of a gardening blow lamp?

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Parts of a gardening blow lamp: burner, handle, piezo ignition, coupling, flame control


Gardening blow lamp burner 22mm diameter The burner is the area of the blow lamp which determines the size and temperature of the flame. It can come in various shapes and sizes. For more information see What are the different types of blow lamp burner?

Piezo ignition

Pressing piezo ignition button on a gardening blow lamp A piezo ignition enables the blow lamp to be lit without the use of an external flame.

For information on how the piezo ignition works, see What are the parts of a standard blow lamp?


Holding a gardening blow lamp handle The handle is used to control the direction and position of the flame by allowing the user to manipulate the blow lamp.

Flame control

Turning the flame control valve anticlockwise to create a greater flame on a gardening blow lamp The flame control allows the user to control the size of the flame from pin point, which is a hot blue flame, to a soft yellow flame. To create a hot flame, turn the flame control nozzle anti-clockwise, and to adjust to a cooler flame or turn off, turn it clockwise.


EN417 or 7/16" coupling for a gardening blow lamp The coupling on the blow lamp allows it to attach to a gas cannister. The gardening blow lamp can either have an EN417 (7/16″) coupling or a CGA 600 (1″ threaded) coupling.

For more information, see What are the parts of a standard blow lamp?