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How to use a blow lamp?

How to use a blow lamp

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All types of blow lamp work in the same way. To use a blow lamp, follow these steps:
Blow lamp attached to a gas cannister

Step 1 – Attach gas canister

To use your blow lamp you will first need to attach the gas canister. To do this, hold the canister and place the blow lamp coupling over the valve. Whilst placing a slight pressure on the blow lamp, twist it onto the canister in a clockwise direction, until it has been hand tightened.

Gas leak detector spray

Step 2 – Leak test

Next you will need to check the connection between the canister and the blow lamp to ensure there is no gas leaking. To do this, apply a gas leak detector spray to the connection. If any foam appears, gas is leaking and the blow lamp must be removed from the canister and replaced.

If no foam appears, then proceed to the next step.

Turning the flame control valve anticlockwise to create a greater flame on a gardening blow lamp

Step 3 – Adjust flame control knob

To light a blow lamp, whether it is manually or with a piezo ignition, you will need to twist the flame control knob in an anti-clockwise direction. Twist the valve a quarter turn to allow the gas to exit the canister. When you have done this you will be able to hear the gas hissing, which will allow you to ignite the lamp.

Standard blow lamp with the piezo ignition being pushed

Step 4 – Ignite blow lamp

A blow lamp can be ignited either manually with a match or with an automatic piezo ignition. Press the piezo ignition button or trigger to produce a spark that will light ignite the gas.

Turning the standard blow lamp flame control anticlockwise If the blow lamp does not light straight away, press again after turning the flame control valve an extra quarter turn.
Lighting a heavy duty blow lamp with a lighter If your blow lamp does not have a piezo ignition then you will need to light it manually with a match or lighter. To do this, light a match and hold it just below the burner until the blow lamp produces a flame.

Make sure you do not place the match directly in front of the burner as this could cause you injury.

Heavy duty blow lamp flame control turning it in a clockwise direction

Step 5 – Adjust the flame

To adjust the flame, continue turning the flame control knob in an anti-clockwise direction until you are satisfied with the size of the flame.

If you are using a swivel blow lamp, you can adjust the direction of the burner tube by grasping the blow lamp case and twisting the burn tube into the desired position.

Soldering with a soft soldering blow lamp

Step 6 – Use blow lamp

You can now use the blow lamp for any task you require. To do this hold the blow lamp by the gas canister or the blow lamp handle and move it across the areas you want to heat.

Wonkee Donkee says "If using a gardening blow lamp, making sure the flame is kept 50.8mm (2") above the ground"
Blow lamp flame control knob being twisted in a clockwise direction - off

Step 7 -Turn off blow lamp

When you have finished using the blow lamp, twist the flame control knob in a clockwise direction until the flame has been extinguished. Then place it on a non-flammable surface, using the handle or gas canister to manoeuvre it, until it has cooled down completely.

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