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What are the different types of blow lamp?

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There are four different forms of blow lamp available for different roles: standard, gardening, swivel, and heavy duty.

Standard blow lamp

Standard blow lamp A standard blow lamp is the most common type available, used for soft soldering, light brazing, and moulding plastic pipes. It can perform these tasks due to a combination of the fuel canisters it can accept and the types of burner that can be used.

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Gardening blow lamp

Gardening blow lamp A gardening blow lamp is used for killing weeds in a garden. The long length of this blow lamp provides a safe distance for the user from the flame and the ground.

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Swivel blow lamp

Swivel blow lamp A swivel blow lamp is used for the same tasks as a standard blow lamp. However, it can turn 360 degrees, allowing the user to move the flame without having to pick up and move the blow lamp.

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Heavy duty blow lamp

Heavy duty blow lamp A heavy duty blow lamp reaches the highest temperatures of all the blow lamps. This makes it suitable for its role of brazing, which is a form of soldering.

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