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Blow Lamp Maintenance and Care

Blow lamp maintenance and care

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With the right maintenance and care, blow lamps, can last a long time. Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips:


Temperature Blow lamps need to be stored at temperatures between 10°C (50°F) and 40°C (104°F). To avoid their temperature moving outside of these parameters, they must be stored away from direct sunlight.
Wonkee Donkee says "Before you store your blow lamp make sure it has cooled down fully"
Danger High Pressure It needs to be stored at this temperature to ensure that there is no pressure build-up within the gas canister which could potentially cause it to burst.


Clean cloth for cleaning a blow lamp To clean the outside of the blow lamp, wipe off any dirt using a clean damp cloth with a small amount of detergent.
Wonkee Donkee says "Make sure you never try to clean solder from the blow lamp with sandpaper as this will damage the tool."

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