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What rod sizes are available?

What rod sizes are available?

Rods are available in lengths of 330mm, 500mm and 1m. You can use small, medium and longer rods from the same brand together for any one task;

just add extra rods to increase the length of the rod set.

The standard length of a rod is 1m.

Some people find they only ever need to use this size of rod, as they can extend the reach of the rods by adding on an extra rod to increase the length.

Smaller rods of 300mm and 500mm are ideal if full length rods are too unwieldy, or when you need to push or pull a cable over a very short distance.

These rods are ideal for inconvenient and awkward, hard to access or tight spaces, or for occasional use. Small rods can easily be stored in a toolbox.

Diameters – Rods are available in diameters of either 4, 5 or 6mm.

The 4mm rods are particularly useful in a restricted space such as in corners and close to floors and ceilings.

They are a very flexible rod which retain adequate stiffness for pushing cables into place. The 5mm rods have enough flexibility to cope with bends, but are rigid enough to cover open areas and strong enough to push through minor obstructions.

The 6mm rods swap flexibility for rigidity and strength. They are ideal for forcing their way through insulation and debris, for instance in a ceiling cavity. The stiffness of the 6mm rod gives better directional control.

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