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What are the different types of rod set?

What are the different types of rod set?

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Figure and question mark All rod sets are used to push and pull wires and cables through a cavity; some manufacturers aim their rod sets at particular professions, dividing them into the electrical, plumbing and general building trades. Examples of general types of rod sets are given below; however, not all manufacturers make a distinction, and there is a multi-purpose rod set which includes the rods and attachments of the other sets.

Electrical rod set

Cable set of rod sets There is a rod set that is aimed at electricians or those undertaking electrical work. It is used to install cable in awkward areas in cavity walls and under floors, or where there is restricted access, in domestic or light commercial areas such as offices.
An electrical rod set in use The smaller rods in an electrical rod set can be particularly useful in restricted areas.

General building rod set

Build set of rod sets The general building rod set is for use in domestic or light commercial situations, such as office buildings. It is for the routing of cable, retrieving dropped tools (a common problem), installing and cleaning pipes, gutters and so on.
A general building rod set being threaded through a wall Builders and DIYers may find the general building rod set the most useful for them.

Plumbing rod set

Plumb set of rod sets There is a rod set which is aimed at people carrying out plumbing tasks, in order to route plastic piping and cables. This rod set is used in domestic and commercial installations, such as shop premises.
A plumbing rod set in use pulling cable underfloor The plumbing rod set can be used by anyone who needs to direct cable or piping for plumbing purposes.

Multi-purpose rod set

Mega Rod Set The multi-purpose rod set is an extensive cable installation tool. It is for people who regularly route cable, and who want tools that are time-saving.

It combines all of the basic cable handling rods with a number of attachments.

Pulling a cable through a ceiling cavity using a hook attachment The multi-use rod set can be used for all domestic and light commercial situations, for example when putting in wiring in new office buildings.

Which type of rod set is right for you?

A silhouette of scales for help in weighing up a decision If you need to route cables or wires on a regular basis then you will need a rod set that is robust, so consider one that has many GRP rods. If you have a task that requires multi routing of cables, then you will need a rod set that offers multiple flexibilities and many attachments such as the multi-purpose rod set.

It may be more convenient for you to carry and use the small rods, especially in awkward or restricted spaces, so consider buying a small rod set.

An example of mixed money options for payment Usually, the more you pay, the better the quality of rod set you will get for your money. Plus, it’s cheaper to buy a rod set with many attachments already included, than to buy individual parts.

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