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What rod set accessories are available?

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Accessories and parts of a rod set There are number of accessories available from the different manufacturers and suppliers of rod sets. These accessories are available to purchase separately from a rod set.

Carry bag

Carry bag for a rod set The rod set carry bag enables you to carry more than one rod set as well as accessories and other tools in one bag for convenience.


Gooseneck accessory for a rod set There is a gooseneck kit, which is a valuable tool because of the flexibility of the leads. When you need to route a cable through a maze of beams and other obstacles, then the gooseneck, working together with other accessories of a rod set increases the functionality of your rod set.
A gooseneck attachment of a rod set in use A gooseneck can be attached to a rod to reach inside an awkward space at the required angle, for example.

Flexi magnet

Flexi magnet accessory for a rod set The flexi magnet is an accessory that can bend and turn to locate a cable or wire which is joined to a chain attachment, and pull them both through a cavity.

Double magnet

Double magnet accessory for a rod set There is a double magnet kit, which consists of  two magnets, one each attached onto the end of a rod which are then manipulated until they find each other. They can also be used to pick up items such as dropped tools.
A double magnet attachment of a rod set in place on the ends of rods The magnets are attached to the ends of rods and then pushed or pulled until they find each other, pulling cable with them.

Inspection mirror

Inspection mirror accessory for a rod set The inspection mirror kit attachment is handy for checking a dark cavity for obstructions before inserting a rod into it.


Glider or whisk accessory of a rod set A glider, also known as a whisk, allows rods to be guided over rough and uneven surfaces without snagging.
Glider attachment to a rod set in use The glider attachment is screwed into the end of a rod and then pushed through a floor or ceiling cavity to smoothly guide the rod to where it’s wanted. The shape of the glider allows it to move freely with the contours of a floor or ceiling surface.


Brush accessory for use with a rod set The brush accessory is used to clean the inside of pipes.
A brush accessory of a rod set in use The brush accessory of a rod set is used to clean out a pipe.


A claw attachment to a rod set A claw attachment allows the user to employ two tools at a time, saving time and increasing efficiency.
A claw attachment of a rod set in use with a beam and hook attachment The claw attachment is fitted onto the end of a rod and then, for example, a beam can be attached to one of the claws and a hook attached to the other claw.

Tri hook

A tri hook attachment for a rod set There is a tri hook attachment to a rod set, which gives the user three times the chance of hooking a cable, at the first attempt.

Swivel attachment

Swivel attachment of a rod set There is a swivel attachment for a rod set, which connects two rods together and solves the problem of cable or flexible wire twisting as it tries to re-coil, either forming kinks or causing the rods to unscrew.
A swivel attachment of a rod set in use with two rods The swivel attachment is screwed into two rods and joins them together.
Using an attachment, for example the hook, the cable is attached to the end of one rod with a swivel attachment connecting it to the next rod.

More rods are added as necessary. As the cable is pulled into place, the swivel end will rotate, relieving the twisting effect of the cable and keeping it straight.

Swivel rods

Swivel rods with the swivel end permanently attached as part of a rod set You can buy swivel rods separately, which is convenient because the rods already have the swivel end in place so you can put them to work straightaway.