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How to use a cable grip?

How to use a cable grip

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Cable grip accessory of a rod set The grip attachment of a rod set provides a quick, easy and secure method of attaching cables to your rods.
RS Cable grip being prepped

Step 1 – Attach grip

Screw a cable grip attachment into one end of a rod. Then push the metal sock of the cable grip into one hand, in a concertina action.

Cable grip attachment of a rod set pushing onto a cable

Step 2 – Push grip onto cable

Push the cable into the squashed grip as far as you can.

Pulling the cable grip tight on a cable

Step 3 – Tighten cable grip

With one hand on the cable and the other hand on the end of the grip, closest to the rod, pull the cable grip tight on the cable. The harder you pull the tighter the grip becomes.

Pulling a cable through a wall cavity using a grip

Step 4 – Pull with cable grip

Now you can use the cable grip to pull the cable through the wall cavity.

A cable having been pulled through a wall cavity by a cable grip attachment

Step 5 – Continue to pull on cable grip

Keep pulling on the cable grip until the cable is all of the way through the wall cavity.

Hand pushing the cable grip attachment of a rod set off a cable

Step 6 –  Release cable grip

Remove the cable grip by pushing it back along the cable, away from you, in a similar action to when you first attached the cable grip, although then it was squashed together and slowly released over the cable, and now you are reversing this action by releasing the tension. The grip will loosen its hold so that you can remove it from the cable.

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