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Rod Set Maintenance and Care

Rod set maintenance and care

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Using a cloth to clean and dry rod sets after use Always wipe your rods with a cloth after every use to keep them clean and dry. Do the same with any attachments you have used. This simple action will help to prolong the life of the rods and the attachments.
Threads of a rod set both mated and not mated When attaching your rods together, make sure that the threaded parts are fully mated (completely screwed together). Failing to do this may cause the threads to snap. Don’t lubricate the threads as this will attract debris; also the rods may become unscrewed when you don’t want them to!
A stiff brush for cleaning threads of rod sets Keep the threads of your rod set free of dust and debris by regularly brushing them with a stiff brush.
Carry tube for a rod set Make sure all of the parts of your rod set are dry, dust and dirt-free by keeping them in the carry tube when not in use.

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