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Are there any alternatives to rod sets?

 Are there any alternatives to rod sets?

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Telescopic pole You could use a telescopic pole as an alternative to using a rod set. It’s 5.6m in length and tubular; it’s self-supporting so it can be used by one person, without any other support needed. The pole can support up to 6 different attachments from a rod set at any one time, increasing its functionality.
Telescopic pole in use finding and retrieving a cable in a ceiling cavity The pole is telescopic and extendable. It reaches normally inaccessible places with ease. It improves safety as it minimises the need for ladders.
A telescopic pole in use A telescopic pole can be used anywhere, for example in offices or industrial units. The pole allows maximum control and greater accuracy over longer reaches, due to its rigidity. However, it is only suitable for locations where access is unobstructed, and it can only be used in a straight line.
Fish tape on a reel Or, you could use the traditional fish tape (also known as draw wire or draw tape or cable rats), as an alternative to a rod set.
Fish tape in use in a ceiling cavity Fish tape can be used in a ceiling cavity, for example.


Confused man and question marks Using a telescopic pole requires some practice and is really only useful for longer cable runs in a straight line. Using fish tape limits the options for routing cable because it doesn’t have the attachments of a rod set, and it requires skill to be used effectively.

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