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 What are the different types of rod?

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Drain rods to unblock drains Rod sets are designed for pulling and pushing wires and cables into place. However, there are rods that are designed for other purposes, for example there are rods for use in drains. You may hear these rods being referred to as rod sets, but they are not the same thing.
Drain rods being used to unblock a drain Drain rods can be used to unblock a drain. These rods are thicker and more rigid than the rod sets, because of the robust nature of the work.
Steel drain rod set There are coiled spring steel rods that can be used  for clearing blockages in drains. These rod sets are available in 13mm and 19mm diameters with a variety of tools and attachments that can be added.
A rod set in use pulling cable through a wall A rod set is designed to fish for wires and cables and pull them through cavities. So, trying to use them for other tasks isn’t a good idea, as it may damage them. Instead, make sure you use the right tool for the job.
Rods and brush and attachments for cleaning a chimney Another example of specialist rods are chimney cleaning rods.