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What is a rod set?

What is a rod set?

A rod set is a flexible rod connection system for pulling and pushing wires and cables through access holes in walls, floors and ceilings. You might hear it called a push-pull rod. 

To use a rod set the rods are attached together and then easily and quickly pushed or pulled under floors, through ceilings and wall cavities.The rods are screwed together and then attached to an electrical cable or wire to push or pull the cable to exactly where it’s wanted.

Most of the rods in a rod set are non-conductive (so they won’t carry an electrical current to the user), and they won’t break if used appropriately.

The number of rods in a set varies, so, for example a basic rod set may contain 6 rods of the same length, whereas a multi-purpose rod set may contain as many as 16 rods of 3 different diameters and lengths.

You may decide to base your choice of which rod set to buy on the flexibility of the rods, the length of the rods, the diameter of the rods or the different attachments in each rod set.

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