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How to use a rod set?

How to use a rod set

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Wonkee Donkee Always rotate the rods CLOCKWISE when using, so that they don't unscrew and disappear down a drain or into a cavity!

Step 1 – Preparation

At the furthest end of the cavity, set up your cable reel or spool and unravel a small amount of the cable. Dangle this end of the cable into the cavity. Remember to check that you will have enough cable to complete the task.

Choosing a rod from a rod set

Step 2 – Choose your rod

Back at the starting point of the cavity, choose which rod you need, by its diameter and flexibility, to match the size of the cavity you need to access.

A hook attachment on a rod set about to be put to use in a cavity

Step 3 – Fix attachment to rod set

Fix an attachment, for example a hook, to the end of the first rod, by screwing the attachment into the female thread at the end of the rod.

Screwing together two sections of a rod set in preparation for a cable run All of the rods can be joined together by screwing the male and female threads at the end of each rod into each other.
Inserting a rod set into a cavity at the start of its rum

Step 4 – Start a rod set run

Insert the first rod, the one with the attachment, into the cavity. Push it onwards.

Screwing another rod into a rod set

Step 5 – Attach extra rods

Attach extra rods as needed, at the same time as you are inserting the rods into the cavity, until you get to the furthest point that your cable needs to reach.

Step 6 – Push rods

Push the rod set to the end of the cavity where your cable or wire is waiting.

A hook attachment of a rod set catching a cable to pull it through

Step 7 – Hook cable with rod

Hook the cable at the end of the cavity, and start to pull it back towards you. The cable should be pulled firmly but slowly so that it unwinds from the reel at a regular rate.

Rotating a rod set clockwise through a cavity

Step 8 – Pull rod through clockwise

Keep pulling on the rods, slowly and carefully, remembering to turn them clockwise only so that they don’t unscrew.

A rod set and cable back at the start of the run having been pulled through a cavity

Step 9 – Pull rod and cable

Pull through the rod set with the cable/wire attached.

A rod set and cable being separated after a cable run through a cavity

Step 10 – Detach cable from rod

Detach the cable from the rod set.

A carry tube of rod set ready for the next job

Step 11 – Return rod set to carry tube

Unscrew the rod set, wipe with a clean, dry cloth and then return the rods and any attachments to their carry tube, ready for their next task.

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