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How to choose a radius gauge?

How to choose a radius gauge

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Choice between imperial and metric

Inches and Millimetres Radius gauge sets are available in either imperial fractional inches or metric millimetres. The choice is preferential, however metric gauges are more readily available.

When might you choose a gauge with a single function blade at each end?

Radius Gauge A You may choose this gauge for checking concave and convex radius patterns, often as part of inspection after metal shaping.

When might you choose a gauge with multi-function blades at either end?

Radius Gauge B You may choose to use this gauge if you are a toolmaker or quality control inspector. The gauge measures edges and corners of work pieces, however it is also capable of measuring ‘shoulder curves’ which are a feature of many sheet metals, added to objects for structural strength.

When might you choose a gauge with five measuring surfaces?

Series L300 radius gauge You may use this gauge as an arguably faster alternative to gauge sets. You can use its many cut-outs for measuring existing radii on parts in awkward locations or for measuring shoulder curves. It can also be used as a stencil or guiding template for radius drawing or scribing.

When might you choose an acrylic radius gauge?

Acrylic radius gauge You may use an acrylic radius gauge for woodworking applications. Acrylic gauges are less likely to scratch work pieces than metal alternatives. Popular processes checked by an acrylic gauge include: turning spindles, duplicating mouldings or checking rounded corners.

When might you choose a digital radius gauge?

Digital radius gauge You may use a digital radius gauge for heavy industrial processes such as sheet metal and pipe bending, when large radius must be measured with a high degree of precision.

When might you choose a guitar neck radius gauge?

Guitar radius gauge You may use a guitar neck radius gauge to measure the radius of a guitar fret board so that the instrument produces the correct sound and has the correct string set up.

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