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What is a ring bound radius gauge?

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Ring bound radius gauge A ring bound radius gauge consists of individual multi-function blades held together by a ring. They are multi-functional as each blade is capable of measuring a concave and convex radius.
Using the concave side of a radius gauge to measure Ring bound multi-function blades work in the same way as the gauge set with multi-function blades attached to the hand-held tool at either end. The only difference is that the ring bound alternative allows the blades to be individually removed.

What are the advantages of a ring bound radius gauge?

Advantages of a ring bound gauge The advantage of individually removable blades is that it may allow for quicker application or extra maneuverability against the work piece.

What are the disadvantages of a ring bound radius gauge?

Disadvantages of a ring bound radius gauge The disadvantage of a ring bound gauge is that individual blades may be easily lost or replaced in the wrong order, making the correct blade selection a more time consuming process.

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