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What are the different types of radius gauge?

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The different types of radius gauge There are 7 different types of radius gauge:

These include the 2 radius gauge sets: A and B.

A. Gauge with single function blades at either end.

B. Gauge with multifunction blades at either end.

The 3 types of individual radius blade: C, D and E.

C. Gauge with 5 measuring surfaces.

D. Acrylic gauge.

E. Ring bound multi-function blade.

And gauges: F and G.

F. Digital gauge.

G. Guitar neck radius gauge.

Gauge with single function blades at either end

Radius Gauge A There is a blade for measuring concave surfaces at one end.  At the other end there is a blade for measuring convex surfaces, both blades correspond to the same range of measurements.

Gauge with multifunction blades at either end

Radius Gauge B Each blade is capable of measuring a concave and convex surfaces as part of the multi-functional internal and external blade design. Each blade has an inscribed measurement which refers to both concave and convex applications.

Gauge with five measuring surfaces

Gauge with 5 measuring surfaces This radius gauge has five cut out projections which can be used for measuring both (2) concave and (3) convex surfaces. It is also used for scribing precise radii on to work pieces.

Acrylic gauge

Acrylic gauge Acrylic radius gauges are capable of measuring concave and convex radii. They are commonly used in woodworking processes such as turning spindles, duplicating mouldings and rounding corners.

Ring bound multi-function blade

Ring bound radius gauge Ring bound multi-function blades have the same construction as the radius gauge with multi-function blades at either end. However they are ring bound rather than mounted on a hand held tool.

Digital gauge

Digital Radius Gauge A digital radius gauge is used in heavy industrial processes such as sheet metal and pipe bending, where large radii must be accurately measured to meet building specifications.

Guitar neck radius gauge

Guitar Neck Radius Gauge A guitar neck radius gauge is used to measure the radius of a guitar fret board so that the instrument can be made to produce the correct sound.

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