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What are the parts of a radius gauge?

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Locking Device

Radius gauge locking device

A radius gauge has a locking device to hold the leaves together in the set. It is also used to lock out a single blade from the tool for use.

The radius gauge case

Radius gauge case A rigid case is used to protect the leaves when they are not in use.

Blades / leaves of a radius gauge

Individual leaf The individual strips of metal are known as blades or leaves.

They are often made from stainless steel and coated in chrome as this leaves them highly resistant to rust.

Inscribed measurement on leaf

Inscribed measurement

The inscribed measurement on each leaf refers to the radius of both convex and concave cut outs in millimetres or fractional inches.

Convex radius

Where is the convex radius?

The convex radius is located on the outside of the leaf. It is used to measure internal corners on workpieces.

Concave radius

Where is the concave radius?

The concave radius is located on the inside of the leaf. It is used to measure the external corners on workpieces.

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